Wild Yeast and other Taste Makers

Bierberaad 01: Henriette Waal, Sander Kobes, Sander Nederveen, André van der Zee

19 Sep 2014

Curious about what's brewing in your beer? Come taste, listen, learn and look at extraordinary beer design at Bier Beraad! during Bio-me. This symposium on beer design goes further than pretty colours and hip labels. One of the most important tastemakers in your beer happens to be a living organism: yeast.

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Bierberaad audience - Awaiting the Bierberaad. An evening filled with talks, stories and tastings of special biers and radical flavours.

Note: this event will be in Dutch

Henriette Waal, beer curator

This event's beer curator, herself a wild yeast enthusiast. In 2009, Henriëtte founded the Buitenbrouwerij (outside brewery), a mobile brewery that produces local beer, using local ingredients, with the help of locals. She's also behind Halbe beer, an idealist beer brand for the arts. For Bio-me only, she will bring her newest recipe: Oyster beer, brewed on Vlieland, using salt water!

Sander Kobes, Oersoep brewery

Sander is a wild yeast hunter, brew master and co-founder of Oersoep brewery in Nijmegen. Oersoep likes brewing layered and complex beers. Smoked, tasting of old farmhouse hay or spices from faraway lands. Oersoep looks for these flavours both in tradition and experiment. For Bio-me, Sander will give a special master class on wild yeasts.

Sander Nederveen, Oedipus Brewing

Sander Nederveen is brewmaster at Oedipus, a new Amsterdam brewery. Oedipus prefers to brew beer to fit each person's preferences, and for each moment of the day. Focus lies on tasteful, dry beers that don't contain much alcohol. For Bio-me, Sander will share his knowledge on the many aspects of brewing beer, and the role of fermentation in the brewing process.

André van der Zee, yeast inspector

Beer jury member André van der Zee will talk about the current beer playing field, from home brewer to international exporter and everything in between. A special focus will lie on the tradition of 'geuzesteken', a process that has to to with mixing different beers.


Listening to the Bierberaad - Listening to Bierberaad. An evening filled with talks, stories and tastings of special biers and radical flavours.

Karl Grandin, Omnipollo

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, this award-winning beer brewery has one ambition: to change the perception of beer... forever.
They conceive their recipes at home and travel to different breweries across the globe to craft their ales.

Peter Oei, MeattheMushroom

This company is looking for ways to replace meat by growing mushrooms and fungi. They grow their own mushrooms at Amsterdam Noord in a sustainable way, no chemicals and using rest products from other industries. A unique and tasty initiative.


Apart from listening, there will, of course, also be tasting. Our beer brewers will bring special beers to try out, so everyone will know exactly what we're talking about!


Bier Beraad!
Friday 19th, 20:00
Tickets: €10,00 incl Club Mediamatic Membership
Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10 (next to Roest) in the exhibition hall.

Before Bier Beraad!, snacks will be available so you won't have to drink on an empty stomach during the evening program. (19:00-20:00)


How will designing with organisms change our perspective on art, design, food and beer? Find out at Bio-me. 3 Days of workshops, talks, tastings, Fermentology! and the expo Kunstformen Der Natur. This evening is part of the Bio-me program. For further information on the complete program, visit www.mediamatic.net/biome.