And the wiener is..

The conclusion of our sausage fest

Together with Brandt&Levie we started an experiment to see how the microorganisms in different surroundings affect the taste, colour and consistency of their sausages.


Sausage tasting - The uncomparative sausage tasting going down during the opening of Kunstformen der Natur Irati

The four-week-long experiment finally came to a thrilling conclusion at the official opening of Kunstformen der Natur during the Bio-me festival.

The seven participating organizations consisted out of cultural locations in Amsterdam, namely: Waag Society, Vice, Vuurtoren Eiland, Mediamatic, KesselsKramer, Brandt&Levie and Keuringsdienst van Waarden. Every location received a package of sausages from Brandt&Levie which they hung in their location for four weeks. These sausages were especially prepared for this project. By mixing biologically bred pigs, swiss chard powder, a special bacteria (staphylococcus carnosus), dextrose and lactic acid bacteria it dropped the pH level and created the best conditions for the fermentation process.

In between all the music, video art, talking, drinking and gazing at the exhibition, there was also time for an unofficial comparative tasting during the opening. A panel of judges did some chewing, tasting and swallowing and after counting the votes it turned out that.... Vice won the tasting challenge!
We want to congratulate Vice from the bottom of our heart and stomaches. Their office apparently provided the right mixture of microorganisms to create the best tasting sausage.

Afterwards everyone could enjoy the rest of the sausages and decide for themselves which one was the best. We think they all did pretty well, since not a lot of sausage was left.