Be part of the Biotoop

Desks for rent in new cultural bio-art lab.

As of December 1st, Mediamatic moved to their new location on Dijksgracht 6. Here we will start with the realization of Biotoop Dijksgracht; a new cultural habitat for innovation and inspiration, where Art, Design, Urban Farming and Life Sciences unite.

Are you a Bio-Designer, Artist or Life-Scientist interested in renting a desk in our collaborative bio-art lab? Take a look at our application form, come to the Biotoop Viewing (19 Dec) and send your letter of motivation before December 21 to Rosalie Bak.


In between the Biotoop. - Biotoop Dijksgracht will consist of 3 different buildings, one of which is shown here. On the right side you will find Green Nest Gallery and the broedplaats. On the left the offices of Mediamatic and Fermentology Restaurant. Willem Velthoven

Biotoop Dijksgracht

In the emerging field of Life-Sciences (the study of living organisms) and Bio-Design (working with living organisms) there is an expanding need for substantive collaboration.
Not only between the different (international) institutes and the designers, artists and scientists involved. But more importantly, the public.

At Biotoop Dijksgracht we connect makers with the public in order to build a growing creative habitat for experimentation, research, collaboration and shared knowledge.
There will be a 'broedplaats', bio-workshop, fermentology restaurant, public garden, aquaponics site, GreenNest gallery and Bio-Art Supplier store. The area itself is located within walking distance from Amsterdam's Central Station on Dijksgracht 6. In 2015 this region will be connected to the Marine terrain by bridge.

Desks for Rent

You can be part of this Biotoop by renting a workplace in our collaborative studio. This means that you get your own desk, cabinet and storage space in the 'dry' shared studio. Plus access to the 'wet' workshop and apparatus. All of which are especially equipped for working with living organisms. Amongst the facilities you will find a Clean Room, Hatcheries and Drying Cabinets, 3D Paste extruders, Aquaponics farming installations and TestKitchen. But also wireless internet, a printshop and meeting room. And off course there will be plenty of space for hosting and organizing workshops, exhibitions and presentations.

How To Apply

You can apply by sending your letter of motivation to Rosalie Bak. The selection will be made following the guidelines of CAWA. For further information and application form go here.

Deadline: December 21.
On December 19 you are welcome to view the location.

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