Kaffemik 2

Greenland fashion, stories and slippers

7 Feb 2010

At Mediamatic's Kaffemik 2 Anne Sofie Hardenberg talked about her new book 'Kampen for en Far', Cunera Buijs about the history of Greenlands clothing and Tekke Terpstra was interviewing writer Ole Korneliussen about the Greenland identity.


Ice-Slippers - Taken at the opening of the Bardot Proviant Klub exhibition, from 16 January - 28 February 2010 at Mediamatic. Raphael Rehbach

Anne Sofie Hardenberg (GR) wrote a new book 'Kampen for en Far' which is about the civil rights of the Greenland community.

Cunera Buijs (NL) is a cultural anthropologist and wrote her thesis in 2004 called Furs and Fabrics, about clothing and identity in East-Greenland. She talked about the changes in Greenland clothing.

Writer Ole Korneliussen (GR) wrote five short stories about Greenland, titled 'Uumasoqat' (The other animal). He describes the strong, independent people in search of there Greenlandic idenity. Tekke Terpstra (cultural anthropologist and scandinavist) translated the book in Dutch. He was interviewing Korneliussen.

During this Kaffemik people could taste seal meat and musk ox, and could make their own slippers.