Meet Agi Haines

Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the Bio-Artist

17 Mar 2016

Agi Haines' (winner 2015 BAD award) works focusses on designing physical enhancements for the human body with insights into the potential our bodies have as a design platform. What enhancements can we make to benefit our future selves? She aims to push the boundaries on what is accepted within our society and consider beneficial modification to our future selves.

Next to attending her master-class Prototyping Bodies you can now sign up for on of her monthly consulting sessions. Giving you the opportunity to discuss anything from your ideas to your practical problems.

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Agi talking about her new project at the Biotalk - Agi explains her new projects at the 'Biotalk: designing the human body'

Expanding the methods on how we use design for enhancement within today’s day and age, is something designers are constantly challenging. Working creatively with natural living organisms is becoming a vital niche into design for development. And what’s a more relatable living organism than our own human formation?

Working in 3D, research and collaboration, Agi has a whole inventory of skills and can share valuable advice or insight into certain ways of thinking or working.


Transfigurations by Agi Haines - Bibuccalplasty - Extension of the cheeks can be achieved through expansion clips, once the clips are embedded in the cheek wall the skin and muscle can be stretched over a period of three months allowing fast and efficient caffeine absorption for a child entering a high stress career. Agi Haines (UK)

For whom?

Are you stuck with your project? Close to finishing your finals at art academy? Do you need advice on how to work with sculpting lifelike forms or ? Or are you interested to learn what obstacles you encounter while working with and researching scientific concepts? The conversations with Agi are meant for anyone who has a special interest in art, science and the human body.

As well as prospective designs you could just as easily end up speaking about the history of uses for the human body and even public surgery – freaky topics she has researched for her practice.

Exchange your ideas

You will get a slot to sit down and discuss your ideas with Agi, and (almost certainly) you will both finish the meeting with inspiration sourced from a casual conversation.

The conversations will take place in the Aquaponics Farm at the Biotoop. A green location for some thorough thought exchange.


Close-up from the Circumventive Organs - Agi Haines' Electrostabilis Cardium. Agi Haines (UK)

Agi Haines

Speculative ideas that focus on the malleable human form drive her work as she looks to discover the real possible enhancements. These can deal with topics such as environmental changes, human organ failure and social mobility. She uses the human body as everyday material in order to question our morbid curiosity for the viscera of life.

Agi studied Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art’s in London and is now currently studying for her PhD at CogNovo. Trained as an artist and a designer, she has not stopped here and has collaborated with doctors, designers, scientists. She continuously expands her practice.

Meet Agi Haines
Thursday 17 March
13:00 - 16:00
A consult with Agi will take about 30 - 40 Minutes.
You can sign up by sending a mail to:

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- May 6th
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