Sur Place

Exhibition on Urban Bike Culture

8 May 2010
22 Aug 2010

Bring your bike for a ride through Mediamatic Bank and discover the rich culture that grew around a simple vehicle: the fixed gear bike. Sportsmen, riders, messengers, collectors, artists and other bike lovers helped gather some admirable collections and will pass on their enthusiasm to you through many fun events and workshops.

Visitors and their bikes are welcome until August 22, on weekdays from 13.00 to 19.00 and in the weekend until 18.00.


Opening party Sur Place - Photo taken by Michal Dudzinski from Fotoduda . Michal Dudzinski

Cycling through Mediamatic

DUS architects designed a multifunctional bike track that runs through the entire exhibition space. You can take your bike and have a try, or borrow one of our race bikes.


Sur Place exhibition space - DUS architects designed a multifunctional bike track that runs through the entire exhibition space. You can take your bike and have a try, or borrow one of our race bikes. Kai-Ting Lin

Roller racing

Challenge a friend on our roller racing installation. Check in with a personal ikTag and your results will be automatically streamed to the web.


Roller racing at Sur Place opening - Photo by Igor Freeke Igor Freeke

Bike art

World-famous artist Mike Giant has covered one of our walls with bike wisdom to add some atmosphere to your cyclic experience!


Mike Giant Mural at Sur Place - Arden de Raaij

Mike Giant Timelapse at Sur Place

Bicycle display

A collection of track, trick and road bikes will catch your eye in our window display. From all over the world and of all ages, they tell all about the design and use of fixed gear. Browse through the collection on our bicycle collection page. The information and multimedia gathered on this page will also be accessible from the exhibition space thanks to the Mediamatic ikPod with RFID technology.


Bike collection at Sur Place opening - Photo made by EHVFXD, and found on their Flickr page

Bike jerseys

Henk Theuns kindly lent us a lot of 30 bike jerseys, which are displayed physically, smells and stains included.

Spoke cards

Bike messenger Jur collected tons of spoke cards as souvenirs of messenger-related events around the world.


Spoke cards where they belong; the rear wheel - Arden de Raaij

Bike Crash Portraits

We have collected portraits of riders who have crashed with their bike and live (and ride) to tell the story. They are the ultimate proof of unlimited bike love.


Jennifer Reed Bike Crash Portrait - photo by Jennifer Reed found on Flickr .

Head badges

An Amsterdam extract of Otto Beaujon’s pile of authentic head badges. The story of Amsterdam bike manufacturing told in graphics.


Head badges - An extract from the collection of Otto Beaujon. Head badges are bike brand logos attached to the front tubes of bicycles. At Sur Place, we exhibit a selection from Amsterdam bike manufacturers. A Dutch bike brand teams up with a Dutch graphic design icon. Locomotief produced bikes from 1929 to 1968. From the collection of Otto Beaujon.

ikCam Alleycat

After you have visited the exhibition and are even more bike crazy then you were before, you should really join the ikCam Alleycat. A messenger race through the city center of Amsterdam. You could do it at your own pace, make a race of it or just a nice cycling trip through the city. You can find all the information about it here: ikCam Alleycat. So get your bike and start pedaling!


An outfitted workshop is a must in an exhibition about a do-it-yourself culture. At set times, masterful hands will teach you to strip down your own bike or make one from the box, to pimp and personalize it and make the perfect gear for a stylish bike summer!


An Exhibition is no good without a shop where you can buy your souvenirs as a remembrance. Hanazuki is the official store of the Sur Place exhibition. You can find it across the street at Vijzelstraat 87, they sell all kind of nice fixed gear stuff. Even people who are not so into bikes will start to drool when they see it. The shop also sells a lot of other interesting stuff!

Opening hours

Sur Place is open from May 8 till August 22 at the Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68 in Amsterdam. Opening hours mon till fri 13.00 – 19.00 hrs / sat + sun 13.00 tot 18.00 hrs. Entrance: 3 euro. Free access with your Bicycle Film Festival ticket.


Exhibition team

Saskia Haex, Arden de Raaij, Liona Munster, Rens Wilderom, Simona Tenko, Sarah Smith, Gijs Van Amelsvoort, Mayken Craenen, Sarah Birgitte Berckenkamp, Willem Velthoven, Jans Possel, Stefan Vis, Kees Vernooij, Olaf Wit, Eline Ermens, Sara Kolster, Evelyn Rodriguez, Machiel Veltkamp, Mhairi Macfarlane, Arjan Scherpenisse, Jonathan Davids, Bas van den Broeke, DUS, Mike Giant, Otto Beaujon.

Big thanks to:

All our lenders, contributors, round attendants and supporters!


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Opening party Sur Place - Michal Dudzinski

In Mediamatic is nu de tentoonstelling Sur Place over de cultuur rond de fixed gear fiets te zien. Niet alleen zijn er doortrappers van de 19de eeuw tot nu te zien, er is zelfs een heus fietsparcours aangelegd. De politie doopte deze fietsen 'kamikazefietsen' en noemde ze levensgevaarlijk, omdat er niet altijd een rem op zit. Onzin, volgens Willem Velthoven van Mediamatic. 'Er zit gewoon een rem op.' Wie heeft gelijk? De cijfers van de politie vellen in ieder geval een voorlopig oordeel. (JELLE DE GEE, Parool TV) Promotiefilmpje Parool TV over Sur Place. Bron: Jelle de Gee, Parool TV) By: Bas van den Broeke

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