Deividas Kuklys, Aleksandr Zuravliov

Paper Universe

Old technologies revisited: we made and sold good looking furniture from recycled paper and cardboard and organized workshops. More than sustainable products, these pieces of furniture are true works of art. Visitors have learned how to bind a book, make good drawings and more.


Paper Universe - Erik Diekstra

Our goal is to create and sell affordably priced furniture made of recycled paper and cardboard that is an artwork, a restoration of old technology, a practical and sustainable household item.

Within the scope of the enterprise we aim to:

  • Maintain an open workshop space, where visitors can see the whole design and production process;
  • Organize "do-it-yourself" workshops, events and exhibitions;
  • Cooperate with artists and designers to increase the creative value of our products;
  • Share the knowledge and promote the concept.
  • Space for the open workshop.
  • Set up the workshop and start the production.
  • Create a website and setup a web-shop.
  • Open the workshop to visitors.
  • Start sales.
  • Create an exhibition.
  • Promote the enterprise offline and online.
  • Launch do-it-yourself workshops.
  • Continuously improve the development process through all the listed stages.

We plan to collaborate with external partners in the following areas:
- Creative design. Our intention is to collaborate with artists and designers to increase the creative value of our products.
- Infrastructure and expertise.
- We are looking for collaboration with institutions supporting creative entrepreneurship that can help in the following areas: provide space for the open workshop, legal and accounting advise, funding.