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Favela Sauna

Warmth in straw

This proposal did not evolve into a project

Are you cold, tired and stressed? Just relax. The Favela Sauna is made out of straw bales, and apart from serving a social purpose, the heat it produces can be used by other Favela dwellers.


Sauna Plan -

Help us build the sauna!

We have the very best proposal for you! Learn how to build a sauna and get free access when it's ready. Attend one of these workshops and get a favela-time of free sauna visits:

Mosaic €30
Our bottom-up approach starts with the floor of the sauna. Jelena Popadic will give a workshop mosaic. Profit from her artistic skills and you'll be able to mosaic your own home.
Teacher: Jelena Popadic
Date: 09-04-13
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Willow weaving €30
Next will be the keystone of the sauna: a lantern made of willow twigs. Learn the basics of willow weaving, so you can make your own basket, boat or beehive.
Teacher: Mattijs Baarsma
Date: 06-04-13
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Straw bale €55
Build your own home! Well, first build our sauna and then you know how to build with straw bales yourself!
Teacher: René Dalmeijer
Date: 14-04-13
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Leem €55
The sauna will not be done without the finishing layer of 'leem'. After this workshop you will have the skills to decorate your own home with 'leem' on your walls.
Teacher: René Dalmeijer
Date: 20-04-13

Pizza oven €95
Want to bake your pizza wherever you are? Build an oven from bricks and clay and you're all set. Learn how to do that with us.
Teacher: Christo Markham
Date: 24-05-13
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If you visit all our workshops, you'll get a 10% discount. You pay €235 instead of €265.

We don't have any budget to build this sauna, so this is our way of crowd funding it. Support our quest to build an environmentally friendly and natural warm place in the cold and crowded city. Invest in a workshop and get knowledge, warmth and friends in return!


Are you cold, tired and fed up with the cold wide world? Come inside and relax. Make disarmingly undressed business appointments, get an energizing massage or just sit and sweat your demons out.

The sauna has tiles on the inside, cheerfully colored and easy to clean. The colored window at the top, designed by Jelena Popadic, will give angelic light on the inside. The window will be able to open, so the temperature can easily be adjusted.
After your session in the sauna, you go to the hot love nest for a quick shower.

If such a healing place isn't enough for you, just bring your food and bake it in our oven. It's accessible from the outside, so you don't disturb the loungers inside. The sauna is fire proof, because the oven is completely surrounded by a thick layer of bricks and the straw is covered with clay.

The sauna will be built during a workshop with René Dalmeijer. Look at the events page to be the first to attend the workshop!

When the sauna is ready, this will be our visiting hours:

Every tuesday evening

05:30 John's handreading €5,-
06:00 - 07:00 Massage €35,-
08:00 - 10:00 Sauna €3,-

We will be open at other times, we will be updating this soon.

About the massage:
Women can book an ayurvedic full body massage for 35 euro’s. The massage is both relaxing and activating and aims for cleaning up waste, lessening myalgia and bringing balance in the body. After the massage you will feel refreshed and regenerated. I use heated original ayurvedic oils, handmade in India. Before the massage I will ask you some questions and pick an oil I think suits the situation.
The massage takes slightly more than one hour.

Ways in which we can make symbioses with other groups
- Our stone oven will be open to anyone to bake bread, pizza's, clay pots or whatever you like
- We have a very hot chimney no one has claimed yet (maybe the kitchen people with their roof fan?)
- The sauna will be dry sometimes, which means our cupboard can be used to dry paper for the poo and cardboard people and mushrooms and herbs for the aquaponics group
- The space can be used for all kinds of social or even spiritual uses
- We have architects, so if anyone has questions about building, feel free to contact us