Flag Aerobics

Lightness week 1 with Ed van Hinte & Margreet Sweerts

29 Apr 2014
4 May 2014

Flag Aerobics is an urban dance with ribbons and even sailing were on for a whole week. Plus, Mediamatic introduced a new fitness range: Ala Bandera. 
Grown-ups and children from six and upwards made their own harness; jumped and waved with them in our large hall! The space was open every day between 13:00 and 18:00 with Ala Bandera classes at 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00.


Flags in Colorful Dance - Found on Flickr, made by Ikhlasul Amal

It started with aerobics. Then came a variety of different styles: tae bo, callanetics, combat and zumba. Now, it’s time for a refreshing new style that maximizes effort and fitness without the need for heavy equipment. The exercise is a playful mix of contemporary moves with the tradition of flag-waving and rhythmic gymnastics. At Ala Bandera, Spanish for ‘Wing and Banner’, you overcome the resistance of the air with flags of different shapes and sizes, from the smallest to the largest pennant banner. With the ribbons, you create figures in the air. New fluttering movements rise and continue within the group.
The large Ala Bandera space was reserved for making flags and pennants. Some materials were available, but you were also able to bring your own fabric and sticks to the class. Light music was provided. The classes were led by Margreet Sweerts and Ed van Hinte. The number of participants per class was limited due to the free space needed for fluttering. Every day a "Flag of the Day" was selected and posted online.

Special events

Thursday 1 May: Flag-waving workshop

A special try-out class of rhythmic gymnastics with ribbon (six meters long!) was given by gymnast Idaline Kastelijns. For children of six years and up. More information

Sunday 4 May: Flag parade

The Flag Aerobics ended with a festive flag parade at 17:00 by all of the guests from the week.


In an age where everyone is affected by the weight of society, the overbearing fears of the economy and the heavy hand of government, 'lightness' is the way forward. We let go of the material and celebrated the ethereal with 11 weeks of 'lightness'. Each week Mediamatic invited a new artist to question the meaning of 'lightness'.

Lightness was made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL, the City of Amsterdam, the Mondriaan Fund, the VSBfund and the Prins Bernard Culture Fund.