Ignite: Soylent, Sexiness and Sea Cucumbers

and 9 other ideas, obsessions and visions

24 Sep 2014

We spent the summer to find the freshest ideas. The 12 speakers of September's Ignite will talk for 5 minutes each about living organisms, a new kind of food, being sexy, hiphop and art and more. Food at 19:00, the first speaker will kick-off at 20:30. Get your tickets online in advance to save a few euros.


Gravity Stool in the making - Work by Jolan van der Wiel


Jolan van der Wiel

Jolan uses the natural phenomenon of gravity and magnetism for his designs. After making a series of stools he started collaborating with Iris van Herpen for the Magnetic Moon Dresses: "dresses whose very forms are generated by the phenomenon of attraction and repulsion." His latest project Dragonstone concerns architecture and clay. At Ignite he will explain and show his fascinating design process.

Joey van Koningsbruggen

"What if you never have to worry about food again?" Soylent is a open source powder to add to your water that contains all the nutrients a body needs. You don't have to spend money and time to organic groceries and cooking, so you can enjoy other things. This food substitute is very popular in the United States. Recently artist Joey van Koningsbruggen made a European version: Joylent.


What to do with an abandoned swimming pool? You could start an urban mushroom farm, that's what the guys from Rotterzwam did. For their mushroom production they use old coffee grounds from coffee bars in Rotterdam. Siemen Cox and Mark Slegers will share their story about local food and re-using waste this Ignite.


Tropicana - The abandoned swimming pool Tropicana in Rotterdam

Emmeline de Mooij

The work of Emmeline de Mooij consists of a mixture of performance, photography and installations and deals with evolutionary biology, humanity in relation to nature and the often ambivalent frontier between freedom and chaos. The Dutch artist has exhibitions in the United States and Scandinavia, but is quiet unknown in her own country. Maybe this will change after her nomination for Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs 2014.


Head Conversation - Performance by Emmeline de Mooij at the exhibition After the Future, Prague

Thijs Adriaans

What is sexy? We are used to images of women dressed in translucent dresses and Malborro man in denim suits. But can it be the other way around? Thijs Adriaans, graduated in Fashion Communication, tries to answer this question. His project Art Sexe included several short movies that play with gender and fashion.


Still from Art Sexe, Vicney I - A project of Thijs Adriaans

Anan Striker

Art and hiphop merge together in the installations and paintings of Anan Striker.
He is inspired by the 'remix' culture we're living in. "Because almost everything is done, we sample and remix our own image". From DJ's sampling jazz-breaks to Andy Warhol. Another long term project of Anan is finding his name on the street. In the supermarket (ananas), fences or cream tarts.


Ik pas op als ik op pas - Installation by Anan Striker

With: Anan Striker

Aniela Hoitink

The insulating and moisture-absorbing properties of mycelium are very good. A lot of textiles are lacking these. As a member of Mediamatic's Myco Design Lab, Aniela Hoitink researches the possibilities to integrate mycelium into textiles. If this so called MycoTex is possible, can we manipulate the mycelium in a way that it grows well in some places and does not grow in other places? Tonight, Aniela will show the result of her research


MycoTEX tests - combination of mycelium and textile

Shanti Ganesh

The San Francisco Bay area speaks to the imagination of many Dutch creatives, because from our perspective San Francisco = Silicon Valley. Shanti Ganesh (PhD Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience) spent the last two years at UC Berkeley studying the nature of creativity. In her talk she will zoom in on the clash between artists and techies that has recently been plaguing the area, and which, according to her, is an opportunity for the Dutch to tighten relations with the SF Bay Area.


With their design studio, Anke Bernotat and Jan Jacob Borstlap are looking for simple tools to add poetry and sensory enchantment to everyday life. For the project Chair Wear they created clothes for chairs, to make them more comfortable and useful (for example to add pockets for newspapers and ipads). Recently they launched the lamp collection Radiolaria, inspired by Haeckels Kunstvormen der Natur. When the light is switched off, the Radiolaria lamps reveal their secret: a soft green glow resembling bioluminescence.


Videoprojection for http://www.bernotat.eu/

Find yourself submerged in an underwater world where organisms keep appearing and disappearing. During the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014, Bernotat&Co present their installation MIKRO/MAKROKOSMOS, featuring the Radiolaria, a collection of lamps made of 3D-knitted textile with glow-in-the-dark effect, inspired by microscopic organisms. (This video was made as part of the installation, projected on a wall.)

Music: "Ohne Titel" by Jan Jelinek

Stills: Rogier Chang / http://chang.nl
Logo design: Jeroen Koning / http://deaesthetischedienst.nl/

Jantine Wijnja

Few people know how it is to live in a psychiatric institution, according visual artist Jantine Wijnja. She spent three months in the artist residence 'Het Vijfde Seizoen' of the psychiatric institution Den Dolder. And made a travel guide to the mental landscape of the institution in the words of its residents.


Reisgids Den Dolder - A work by Jantine Wijnja.

Eibert Draisma

Eibert Draisma is artist, inventor and designer. Besides having his own business for commercial design objects, he makes artistic work. Currently, the Glass Museum in Leerdam is showing his latest work: sea cucumbers lamps and cake jellyfishes made from glass and inspired by zoologist Ernst Haeckels 'Kunstformen der Natur'.


Eibert Draisma geïnspireerd door Ernst Haeckel -


Hungry? From 19.00 to 20.30 we serve a Thai Lentil Soup with bread for only €5,-

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