Over Datum Eetclub 13

Elementary Particles with Ingeborg Merkx and Karen Bloemink

1 Nov 2011

According to cooks Ingeborg and Karen, the elementary particles of any culinary feast are butter, oil, and flour. We added those basic ingredients to our own expired products and threw in our Over Datum cooking power to make it all come together.


Chocoladecake - Over Datum Eetclub 13 - onderdeel van de Over Datum Eetclub Eigen gemaakte cake bij de Over Datum Eetclub 13. Eigen gemaakte cake bij de Over Datum Eetclub 13. Govert de Jong

The evening

The oven of Karen and Ingeborg ensured delicious oven scents and even a brief fire alarm. But the alarm was stopped, we quenched our thirst and stilled our hunger. In between the dishes we amused ourselves with the Tuimelaar and the Life collector installation.

The cooks

Ingeborg Merkx works as a chef all around town, including in her own studio located in De Pijp. She organizes tastings and intimate dinners, and enjoys cooking mezes, tapas, and Vietnamese. Karen Bloemink is a true master baker. She bakes everything from pies to petit fours, from sweet to savory dishes. At her own Boter & Bloem you will find heaps of culinary treats to choose form.


Lasagna uit de oven - Foto genomen bij ODE 13 onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub Govert de Jong


Precieze bereiding van over datum Bruschetta - Bruschetta bij de Over Datum Eetclub 13 onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub Govert de Jong

The dinner

We started with a lot of antipasti and Mezze: Tzaziki, humus, grilled eggplant with goatcheese, bruchetta’s with paprika and a delicious salad of oranges. For the second course we were able to choose between a vast array of options: lasagne bolognese, tabouleh with peas, tagiatelle with a greek sauce and a ultra green salad. For the finale we enjoyed a chocolate pie with ganache and poached pears.


Verse salade - Grote schaal met sla bij de Over Datum Eetclub 13 . Govert de Jong

More information

Over Datum Eetclub 13 took place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam. The entrance fee is €2,50 excl. membership. If you do not have a membership card yet, you can buy one at the door for €5,-. This card is valid until December 1st.