Deconstructing Systems: Taking Things Apart

Talks: Antonius de Munck, Dina Rončević, Ronald Schelfhout, Annesas Appel

19 Jul 2016

Taking things apart has become somewhat of a genre in art. A trend even. This evening we invite three artists who dissect, dismantle and unravel to talk about their practice. Introduction by philosopher Antonius de Munck, who will provide a theoretical framework.

This evening is part of performative exhibition and program: Deconstructing Systems: a Car. After the event there will be a short pannel discussion.

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View of the Worldmap by Annesas Appel - A carefully ordered and categorized overview of our planet. Annesas Appel


Dina Rončević

When Dina Rončević took apart a car for the first time it was to see what was hiding underneath the bonnet. She was not allowed to do that when she was training to be a mechanic because she is a woman, so she took to art to do it anyway. When performing her Car Deconstructions she is aided by a small team of young girls and together they deliver a feminist message: There should be more women in male-dominated industries.


Dina Rončević and her team - The remnants of a deconstructed car. Project by Dina Rončević (second to the left). This images was made in Finland (2012) at the ANTI festival. Photo by Pekka Mäkinen. Pekka Mäkinen

Annesas Appel

Systematically mapping objects from her daily life and dissecting systems to the bare essentials, Annesas Appel carefully orders the outcome. She analytically takes on the systems that surround us and simplifies them so that we can better understand them. In her project Metamorphosis the numbers 1 to 9 play the leading role. As numbers have both numerical as linguistic importance they can be arranged into a logical system of colour, writing, braille and music without losing their significance.


Metamorphosis by Annesas Appel - De getallen 1 tot en met 9 vertaald in kleur en muziek. Annesas Appel

Ronald Schelfhout

Ronald Schelfhout graduated in 2014 from the Artscience master at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag by taking apart a car over the course of a month. His later work still plays with the different parts that make a car. Our automated world induces a certain struggle, Schelfhout claims, and he aims to deconstruct that automation.


AutoMobile by Ronald Schelfhout - Over the course of a month Ronald Schelfhout took apart a car using, documenting every part he took from the vehicle. Ronald Schelfhout

Antonius de Munck

Antonius de Munck (1973) studied philosophy and history. He currently works on a PhD that explores how the artwork can be a form of history. He teaches philosophy in a high school. He will give an introduction of ways of looking at the art of taking things apart.

Deconstructing Systems: Taking Things Apart
Tuesday July 19th, 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam
Preceding the talk you can grab a bite at Mediamatic ETEN

Free entrance

With financial support from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.