Monica Sharon

Exhibitions/Programme and events


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I am involved with exhibitions, programs and events, here at Mediamatic. Originally a classically trained dancer, my work is currently situated within the realms of immersive dance-theater and installations with an emphasis on performance, which use philosophical or sociological aspects as inspiration. I tend to collaborate with artists of various disciplines, bringing them together into one project.

Currently, I am an artist in residence at OT301, while I produce my new multidisciplinary work, set to premiere at the end of May. Although I am also a choreographer, I mostly act as a director and producer, bringing people together into one project, where I contribute my artistic expertise into the final outcome. 

As I am a self-started director and producer of performances, I value my time at Mediamatic and enjoy setting up events or exhibitions for the public. 

I am the co-founder of DalioArts, a collective based in Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. We work either independently or collaboratively on various international projects, exhibitions and workshops, inviting artists who's work speak to us. We aim to provide a multi-disciplinary platform for artists internationally, while also creating and giving back to our local communities through workshops and classes. 

Apart from this, I am part of the artistic duo, MicTaff, along with Taffy Boudewijns, a light sculpture and set designer based in the Netherlands.

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from New World School of the Arts and will begin a Master's of Fine Arts this September.