Presentation: Marie Mart Roijackers

Geo Mediations

An evening with Jussi Parikka, Steve Loo, Erin Espelie, Conny Groenewegen, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Adam Nocek and Patricia Pisters.

16 Jun 2017

What can we learn about contemporary geological processes and the role of humans therein by looking at media objects and digital culture? The symposium Geo Mediations celebrates the entanglements of media and geological events. The evening program brings together a wide ensemble of voices in both talks and artwork presentations.

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When rubber soles and pixels are burning. - Visual artist Femke Herregraven presents  Optical Orbits at Geo Mediations, an evening of talks and artworks presentations reflecting  the entanglements of media and geological events.

The program is composed and organized in collaboration with Patricia Pisters of ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis) and Adam Nocek of the Laboratory for Critical Technics from Arizona State University. 

Stephen Loo: Eating Ethics

Architect, artist and philosopher Stephen Loo will take us through four courses of the banquet Having not felt like eating, but eaten, I sat down to eat / tea … which he prepared for an exhibition of artists Navigating the Internal Landscape of cancer (2017). His performance lecture will be peppered with thoughts from the gut about the (im)possibilities of thinking of a post-Anthropocene ethics.

Pieter Paul Pothoven: Stone Light Mirror

In media artist Pieter Paul Pothoven’s Stone Light Mirror two ongoing projects are engaged that focus on ancient geological resources and artefacts, their postcolonial history and the social interaction they continue to mediate as precious commodities.

Jussi Parikka + Emma Charles: Underground: An Occult Infrastructure

Underground: An Occult Infrastructure is a performance talk. Media theorist Jussi Parikka elaborates on the centrality of the underground and the imaginary of the invisible, hidden data infrastructures as part of the current focus on data culture and the legacies of the Cold War. The talk is performed as part of Emma Charles’ film The White Mountain (2016). The White Mountain is a 16mm docu-fiction film that is set primarily in the Pionen data centre, a former Cold War era civil defence bunker buried 30 metres underground in Stockholm and redesigned by architect Albert France-Lanord in 2008 to house large servers, notably having included those of Wikileaks and PirateBay.

Erin Espelie: Automorphic

Erin Espelie is an American filmmaker, writer and editor. Her work investigates current scientific research related to the Anthropocene, issues in environmental history, questions of epistemology and our expectations of the moving image. Her film Automorphic shows the rare-earth mining operations in the Mojave Desert and how they offer their own set of boundaries for our sense of seeing, self-reflection and meditation on technology.

Conny Groenewegen: Fashion Machine

Conny Groenewegen creates fashion and art pieces made from textile with a focus on production and labour processes. In collaboration with the Laboratory for Critical Technics at Arizona State University, Mediamatic and Conny Groenewegen presents Fashion Machine: a large scale installation incorporating more than 1.000 kg of fleece sweaters and the labor of hundreds of volunteers to set the machines in motion. As such, Fashion Machine is a critical reminder of the magnitude and lasting impact the fashion industry has on the Earth.


Spindle with cut fleece strip2 - Presentation of Fashion Machine in Het Nieuwe Instituut/Temporary Fashion Museum, 2015-16. Johannes Schwartz


Geo Mediations 
Friday 16 June
Program starts at 20:30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

Tickets: €5 Students | €7,50 Pre-sale | €10 Door