Squirt DING

Museum Night 2017

4 Nov 2017
5 Nov 2017

Female ejaculation is still a thing. Is it normal? And what is it, really? For Secretopia, Mediamatic’s program series on bodily fluids, there’s no need to agree on its composition; it’s a product of your body, so it’s part of it! This Museum Night, we will investigate, under the expert guidance of designer/activist Isabelle Griffioen.

Call for help!

Isabelle is still looking for women who regularly squirt to help break the taboo during Museumnacht and show that women who squirt are not porn stars or activists but just people. The intention is to open a conversation between 'Femmes Fontaines' and visitors in the setting of a consultancy to give advise.

For more information or to sign up, please mail to 

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Squirt DING -

Sacred Water

Often, squirting remains a fraught subject. In England and Australia, it’s even banned from porn. In Rwanda, female ejaculation is quite normal. Documentary filmmaker Olivier Jourdain shot a documentary on squirting in Rwanda entitled “Sacred Water”. During Museum Night, Mediamatic will show this film at various intimate locations throughout the entire Biotope. Find a comfortable spot and watch, for as long as you like, the cheerful stories of female sexuality in Rwanda.


Sacred Waters Film header -

Talkshow Between Bed and Sacred

Designer Isabelle Griffioen celebrates the power of sexual expression, and wants everyone to enjoy it. Female ejaculation is, according to Isabelle, a form of sexual expression. She would like to liberate female ejaculation from the male gaze. Olivier Jourdain, designer Isabelle and host Veerle Weustink will discuss the documentary 'Sacred Water' and the choices Olivier made. Together with surprise guests, who have hands-on experience, we will dive into the many stories and experiences surrounding the theme of squirting.

Femmes Fontaines Consultancy Firm

How do I do it? Do I have to? Help, my lover finds it gross! Should I be ashamed? All these questions and more can be discreetly discussed with Isabelle’s Consultancy Firm: Femmes Fontaines. Her team of patient experts will be ready to answer all of your questions throughout the night. They will offer anything from an understanding listening ear to the most practical of tips! A consultation lasts 15 minutes and offers room to a maximum of three people.


Consultatie bureau Femmes Fontaines - Isabelle Griffioen -

Dessert from Squirt

The Hague star chef Louis Verlaan has a taste for kitchen experimentation. For this night only, he has created a dessert from female ejaculate.

Bed Girls

To break the taboo on squirting, Isabelle created the exhibition Bed Girls, for her final project at the Willem de Kooning Academy. The exhibition included a film in which she openly discussed masturbation with her mother and grandmother, as well as masturbation-friendly products, such as a ‘Do not disturb I’m discovering myself’ door sign. She wishes for young people to receive better education on masturbation and make them feel it is okay. During Museum Night, part of the exhibition can be seen at Mediamatic.


Bed Girls - Photographer: Jochem van Schip

Pure Gold

For men and brave women: Pure Gold is Mediamatic’s Pee Station. Outdoor peeing with brand new magical AV accompaniment by Kamiel Rongen.


Pis Pitstop during Museum night - Pis Pitstop at the Pure Gold installation during the Museum night. Anisa Xhomaqi


Museumnight: Squirt Ding
Saturday 4 November
Screening Sacred Waters |  19.00 tot 01.00
Talkshow Between Bed and Sacred | 19.30 tot 20.30
Femmes Fontaines |  20.30 tot 00.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Website Museumnacht