Warm up for the Global Warm up!

Night Garden 10 - with Fabian Reichle, Juliette Lizotte, Avoidstreet and PUB Radio

16 Mar 2019

The Global Warm Up committee and PUB radio invites you to join an evening of audio and garment explorations around Climate Change.

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Fabian Reichle during his talk - Tia Török

Warm up for the Global Warm up!

With a public discussion hosted by Fabian Reichle and Juliette Lizotte broadcasted by PUB radio.
+ recordings from the Climate March of March 10.
+ a plastic bag upcycling workshop by avoidstreet.
+ an ambient set by jujul0v3
And with jingles by Maoupa Mazzocchetti
Global Warm Up is looking at new formats to discuss environmental issues in playful and interactive ways. This public event at Mediamatic will inject real facts and speculations to contextualise the Carnival taking this opportunity to invite artists and designers who reflect upon Global Warming and Climate Change in their artistic practice.

We couldn’t hope for a better location than Mediamatic to host these discussions and workshop and feel inspired by the mindful energy of the space. Global Warm Up is a rite of passage from Darkness to Light aiming to draw attention to a very urgent matter: Climate Change.

Let’s be mindful and celebrate spring awakening with fresh thoughts and new starting points.  

Information about the workshop

Life in plastic isn’t fantastic! Plastic bags, fruit packaging and material construction will be turned into new graphics to bedeck your outfit for the carnival event. Bring your plastic bags and garments you wish to upcycle!
[The second part of this series will happen at Sexyland on the 22nd of March.]