Light Observatory #2

by Natali Blugerman and Santiago Brignardelli

10 Jul 2020
20 Nov 2020

The mind creates images, and therefore we can experience the world around us visually. What we see is just the result of a complicated process of interpretations, defined by several axes that meet within the subject in a specific time, space and object. But in truth, if we look at the physical traits of us humans, we are able to see much more than what we mentally allow ourselves to see.

“The [...] installation offers an incredible journey. With every taken step the visitor travels further away from the surrounding world until everything is gone. Looking back, in the end, just a single dot of reality is what remains. It is as if we are watching our sun from far away in space”. – Taconis Stolk and Edwin Van Der Heide.

The opening takes place the 10th of July 2020.


Light Observatory #2 seen from the inside -

This is a solo journey. A person walks from the sunlight spiralling inwards to complete darkness. Senses expand. You observe millions of photons entering through a 9mm opening. Contrast. Refraction. The mind starts playing and creating images that might not physically be there.

The installation plays with light at macro and micro levels – astral movements and light photons entering the eye – and aims to create awareness on the relationship between both.


Light Observatory #2 by Natali Blugerman and Santiago Brignardelli
More information coming soon.

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam
The installation is located between Mediamatic ETEN and the frontside of the Sluideurenloods.


Light Observatory #2 is an art-work by Natali Blugerman with the help from architect Santiago Brignardelli.

A special thanks to Margot Domart for all the hard work.