Djara Van Hove

Secretopia Intern


@Valerie Traan -

Hi, I’m a master student of the Jewellery Design department from St. Lucas School of Arts Antwerp (Belgium). As a creator I not only try to challenge myself but find new ways to tell a story... . So, starting as an intern within the project Secretopia is just the beginnning.

This experience would be an inspiring event that would help me to develop myself as an artist, broadening my perspective and meeting bunch of new people. As well as discovering new methods on working on my own artistic practice or projects.

I’m interested in artistic disciplines where the dynamic relation between a human being, both psychologically and physically, and artistic discipline meets each other. I attach great importance to experimenting with techniques and materials. I like to explore the possibilities or boundaries of various materials in general. It is not only a guideline but also crucial aspect in my research.

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