Djara Van Hove


Digital Patterns.

Chewing gum is no longer a sweet candy. It has become a fascinating material with surprising benefits. Through creating different types of woven fabrics with this material, it changed my approach.

Some tissues were woven flawlessly shows a perfect chess pattern. By allowing errors, or changing the method, the final fabric becomes much more dynamic. Those specific fabrics suggested an alternative concept of a QR code. This digital pattern, consisting of two contrasting colours, is comparable to a barcode that you find on your groceries.

The code forms a label, containing information about an attached link. By scanning the code/ label with your smartphone or other smart devices, you get immediately redirected to the attached link. It is an easy shortcut to a website of a product, and it looks more refined.



Re- Marked - Types of Codes - Source:


Re-Marked - QR Code - Djara Van Hove

Generating a personal label is quite simple. Just type 'Code Generator'. Pick any website. Copy-paste your preferred URL- link. The code is instantly ready to download. If the label looks too complicated? Go to the website Bitly and copy-paste your URL-link again. This application will 'shorten' or simplify your URL-link. Use this new link to generate another code. That is precisely how I did. The link of my research page on Mediamatic has now been generated in a code or digital pattern. I used a data matrix code instead of a QR code which is in terms of design more interesting.


Re-Marked - Matrix Data Code - Djara Van Hove

Initially, the idea was to recreate this digital pattern by weaving two colours of chewing gum. The first attempt is made with paper strokes to see if it would work. Scanning this paper code didn't work out. Getting a flat image of the paper code, using a photo scanner, wasn't successful either. Would subtly present 'grid' be the reason? If that is the case, it is almost impossible to make it out of chewing gum. Gum is thicker and much more flexible than paper. More research is required! 


Re-Marked - Matrix Data Code Paper Version (Picture) - Djara Van Hove


Re-Marked - Matrix Data Code Paper Version (Scanned) - Djara Van Hove