Djara Van Hove

Gum Beading

An experiment with personal associations.

A minty experiment in which various chewing gums produced transform into an almost wearable piece of jewellerey. 


Chewing Gum Pellets - Djara Van Hove


The necklace is composed of ordinary minty chewing tabs, the entire piece is reminiscent of a traditional pearl necklace. This approach is due to my training in Jewellery Design which changed my perception or the way I observe things. The shape and color of the chewing gums reminded me of 'cultured pearls' who are known to have many appearances.

Cultured pearls are essentially unnatural formed pearls and produced by human intervention. A cut is made in the soft tissue of the oyster, also called the mantle, to place a pre-formed core inside the incision. While healing the oyster sees the core as a foreign body and encapsulates it with several layers of pearlescent, to prevent it from harming his internal organs, to become a beautiful pearl.
Natural pearls, on the other hand, are often irregular and has an organic form and doesn't look that perfect at all.


Types of Pearl Shapes - Source:


The experiment eventually gave me a nostalgic feeling, because who doesn't remember the colorful candy chains you worn as a young child. Back in those days, you were the cool kid of the playground. It wasn't fashionable at all but who cares? The idea was that you could enjoy your candy all day long if you bite the pearls one by one.



Candy Necklace - Source: