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Gumversation pieces

Something to sink my teeth in.

My remembrance after I bought Chewing Gum Rolls. This chewing gum type immediately sparked my creative juices and linked the shape with those old letter tapes. This kickstarted the idea of providing Chewing Gum Rolls with amusing messages. Doing makes gum even more fun! A sticky note with a weird pun, words of inspiration, bad influence or a nice story that could be eaten in parts. Discover the possibilities with me?


Gumversation Pieces - Djara Van Hove

You could even link it with those colourful sweetheart candies? The cute heart-shaped sugar candies with tender phrases like: " I love you", " Call me", "Kiss Me", ...? They bring over a small message from one to another and have the ability to show that you care.

Or is this just an interpretation of my sugar craving? Perhaps it has something to do with: "The way to man's/woman's heart is through their stomach".



Sweethearts - Source:


Let's play a game! 

The result of combining the game "Never have I ever" and the 'Nicely Asked Poster" from Salivary Sample.

"Never have I ever" is a game you play among friends with some drinks. Someone gives a simple statement about a thing they have never done before. Every statement/situation starts with: "Never have I ever". Everyone who has ever done the action must drink from their glass. Each person should give a detailed explanation of why they are drinking. - This is the best part of the game. Spill the tea, Samantha. - Afterwards, the next person in line may say another statement. All the guilty ones drink and tell their story again. It is a nice way to discover fascinating stuff about your friends. There are a lot of different variations of this particular game, hence my variation. 

Gumversation Pieces: Let's share! Because no one is too old to beg for a piece of gum.

My version can be played by one person and doesn't necessarily require multiple individuals. I use pink bubble gum instead of drinks.  Let's tear open the packaging and a statement will appear. Do you have a flashback where you have done this embarrassing or secret action? Does it put a smile on your face or you may be disgusted with yourself? Do you dare to share it with others? Well, the choice is yours.


Poster Asking for Chewing Gum (1) - Djara Van Hove


Gumversation Pieces for Have You Ever? - Djara Van Hove


Package Technical Drawing - Djara Van Hove


Gumversation Packages Have You Ever? - Djara Van Hove


Gumversation Pieces Have You Ever? Unfolded - Djara Van Hove