Gum Beads

An experiment where chewing gums transform in something wearable...


Chewing Gum Pellets -


This necklace is just made of regular minty gums. The shape of the chewing gums remind me of cultured pearls. So my training in Jewelery Design definitely affects my perception of things.

Cultured pearls are essentially unnatural shaped pearls produced by human intervention. They make a cut in the oyster and place a pre-formed core inside the cut. The oyster see the core as an intruder and encapsulates it with several layers of pearlescent, which eventually becomes a pearl. 

A natural pearl is often irregular and has an organic form. 



Types of Pearl Shapes - Source:


The experiment also gave me a nostalgic feeling at the end because it reminded me of those candy chains you got as a child. Back in time you were a cool kid if you worn this candy around your neck. You really could enjoy your candy all day long as you bite the pearls one by one.



Candy Necklace - Source: