Jan - Apr 2020

Maartje Terpstra

Education assistant


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In Februari, March and April 2020 I help with developing the educational program at Mediamatic.

I study Arts, Cognition and Criticism and my main research interest lies with ecological art in its many forms. My research focusses on the instrumental qualities of the different art disciplines and on how artists and art works emancipate, oppress, affect, offend, educate, embrace, celebrate, judge, push, unite, activate, ignore or position the human and nonhuman in the ecological discours.

During my time at Mediamatic I'll experiment with reforming complex ecophilosophical, -social and -political subjects into enjoyable artistic challenges for children (and other learners). It is very important to me to make people sensitive to the aesthetic character of the problems we are faced with in this age we decided to call the anthropocene. What do you touch, taste, hear, smell and see when you are being ecological?

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