POSTPONED | The Bitter Essence

Odorama 39 with Caro Verbeek, Nele Odeur, Kees Wabeke and Sabien Poutsma

9 Apr 2020

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Bitter might be the least appreciated taste by children. The scent of Brussels sprouts lingering on every street corner is their worst nightmare. Bitter is also a metaphor for negative experiences, such as 'a bitter pill' or 'bittersweet' emotions. Yet grown-ups eagerly and voluntarily consume bitter food and drinks on a daily basis and bitter products are the fuel for a multi-billion industry. Can you even imagine life without chocolate, beer or coffee? Research by biologists has demonstrated that bitter is actually essential for our health and not an indication of poison like many of us think. 

Join us for this Odorama to learn all about this 'acquired' taste that we have learned to love.


Brussel Sprouts -

Nele Odeur

Nele is ethnobotanist who studies interactions between plants, senses and human brain. During this Odorama, Nele is going to talk about bitters in human diet, their medicinal properties, culinary repertoire and more.


During this odorama etno-botanist Nele Odeur will clarify how humans and plants co-evolved and how plants developed this taste. And did you know there are at least four types of bitter? Chocolatier Sabien Poutsma will tell us all there is to know about this aphrodisiac and even let you have a taste. Gardener Kees Wabeke will let you in on a winning school garden project at the Rijksmuseum. last but not least Sara Marquart will blow our minds with her research on molecular coffee.


Odorama 39: Bitter
Thursday, the 9th of April
Start 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

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