Giulia Soldati

Our Vision

Our outlook and design sense for the restaurant

The food we serve is 100% plant-based. We compose the dishes with seasonal vegetables and ingredients, and use local produce.


Edible flowers, salad and onion sauce - Course 2 - Picking Elizabeth Vasilyeva

With: Jans Possel

Before we give shape to a new course, we go through a unique creative process. When researching and conceptualising our dishes, we think about the unique sensory experience we want to create and offer to our guests. What particularly helps us to design a dish, is to think about the handling of the course – how it is served to the client and how it can be eaten –, the message we want to send with our cuisine and how we link it to issues in our society. The final result will always be a mix of craft, experience and emotions.


A La Mano dinner - Futuristic dinner Italian food designer Giulia Soldati and chef Tommaso Buresti present a culinary experience that extends taste to touch. No cutlery and plates involved, instead hands are used to enjoy food and to explore new food interactions.

The stories our cuisine tells are stories made out of feelings and memories. We strongly believe that every ingredient has a tale. This is why joining our suppliers in the passion for their product is so important. We are inspired by the seasonality of ingredients, their textures and tastes, and aim to create a journey that allows our guests to engage with and connect to the beauty of food. 


The Children of O had to find ingenious ways of growing and preserving food, such as growing crops in seawater and eating preserved foods -

By doing away with traditional plates and bringing the food to the table on a convivial wooden board, we create a different dining experience that is encouraging sharing. We will always offer you a way to experience our courses with your fingers. A direct approach that we believe is important in order to get closer to what we eat.