Giulia Soldati, Branko Kleynen

Food Experimentation

Our current food projects

Our kitchen is the extension of our minds and our hands, a place that never stops exploring. Being part of Mediamatic means the chefs can easily connect with current projects and program. The easily accessible knowledge offers them a creative and innovative edge.

As a restaurant, we only work with seasonal ingredients and join the research team in fermentation and other food-related experiments in the Clean Lab. Our venue has an abundance of herbs growing on its grounds. We follow the growth of these herbs and even harvest a certain part of our vegetables and herbs in the Mediamatic Aquaponic garden.

Spring is here, and we are spectators of the cycle of blooming and booming of nature in this period. A variety of plants are awakening after their winter hibernation. We do our best to ensure a thriving garden, but seasonal means a limited amount of time. So we're currently fascinated by ways of prolonging the use of certain plants. We do this by using different techniques: fermenting, drying, ...  These will then be used up and coming months in our ever changing menus. 

We are dehydrating the big amount of herbs and leaves we grow in the Aquaponic garden. Once dehydrated we can use them as a tea to serve in our restaurant (Malva, Pineapple sage, Lemon Verbena), or we make powders that will give a finishing touch to our courses.

We are experimenting in creating different herbal oils: from watercress to mint. We're even in the process of pickling and syrup making.