La Cocina Presents: Staging a Banquet

Lecture by Tina Harris

31 Oct 2020

Like plants and people, recipes travel all over the world. They adapt to, but also influence, the context and ingredients available. This event alludes to the importance of reflecting on the effects that some substances we consume daily underpin: in this case, dumplings.

We will explore how ingredients, ideas and histories intertwine by unfolding three different dumpling recipes in a lecture/performance with researcher Tina Harris.

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Staging a banquet -

Corner Fold or How to Make Into One, The Corners of A Square

For this event, researcher Tina Harris unfolds her research in transport infrastructure, shedding light on narratives induced by migration, trade, identity, and ingredients. Using as a trampoline the nuances and allegedly special character of these variations of a dumpling, Harris will fold and unfold her biography, visiting memories that connect Manchuria, her mother, air traffic control in the Himalayas, and the spatial fix. The overlaps of infrastructure, family, and food uncover some double-sided histories, warmly pleasant and chillingly uncomfortable at the same time.



Tina Harris Presentation -

Tina Harris 

Tina Harris is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and director of the AISSR Moving Matters research group. Tina’s main research interests include globalization in Asia and the movement of people and goods across borders, with a particular emphasis on exploring the theoretical connections between cultural anthropology, human geography, and political economy.

Sam Kingue Ebelle

Sam Kingue Ebelle

Born in Cameroon, and having worked in some of the best bars worldwide, Sam Kingue Ebelle is one of Amsterdam’s most gifted mixologists. This poet-turned-alchemist is responsible for cocktails that elevate the senses as well as the spirit. He is the founder and host of Bar Labyrinth, a place inspired by the warmth of Mother Africa and the vibrancy of Afropolis, which prides itself to be based in the green heart of Amsterdam very close to the Vondelpark. Sam Kingue Ebelle will prepare a special cocktail that will be given to the audience as a take-away souvenir

La Cocina

La Cocina [Lore Gablier/Alejandro Ramírez] organises dinner events, lectures, performances, screenings and discussions that explore deeper into the kitchen, asking questions like: What surrounds a kitchen? What do our appetites tell us about taste and infrastructure? What do our food and recipes mean for our identity? 

A Matter of (In)digestions

This event is organised as part of the festival: 'A matter of (In)digestions' which is organised by La Cocina in various locations in Amsterdam as well as online in October-November 2020. The festival contains of a series of events that call attention to what we tend to take for granted - that is, what we consume -, and highlight some of the socio-political, historical and cultural intersections that consumption implies.


La Cocina Presents: Staging a Banquet
Lecture Performance 
31 October at 17:00
Tickets: Full Price €5,- 

Conversation and tasting

As an extend of this lecture, La Cocina organises a conversation and tasting with philosopher Emanuele Coccia, that will take place at Mediamatic the morning after the performance. In this morning we will elaborate on the notion of nutrition, which has not only to do with energy or metabolism, but also has deep political and ethical correspondences. More information and tickets can be found here.