Kitchen Cabinet Smell Sessions

With art and smell historian Caro Verbeek

4 Mar 2021

How does the smell of nail polish remind of an artwork of Bernini? What story does the smell of laurel tells about Napoleons time? And which role plays the smell of peanut butter in Dutch art history?

During three online sessions, smell and art historian Caro Verbeek will talk about years of art history through smells that you can find in your own kitchen! Watch, listen and smell along! 

Tickets March 4 / Facebook


Pindakaasvloer - Wim T. Schippers, 1962-2010, Galerie Mickery Loenersloot, 1969 Fotocredit: Galerie A Wim T. Schippers



Three Thursdays at 15:00, 30 minutes

Session 1 - March 4
Smelly art of the Low Lands

We discuss the role of scent in art and philosophy. Then we explore a sub-category of olfactory art that is very Dutch: that of artworks that are not on a pedestal, but strewn across the floor, by Job Koelewijn, Wim T. Schippers and herman de vries. See, hear and smell all about it and gather the following ingredients:

1. Peanut butter
2. Eucalyptus (for colds or candy)/ Vick’s vaporub
3. Lavender
4. Optional: Zwitsal baby powder


Kitchen Cabinet Smell Sessions with Caro Verbeek
March 4, 11, and 18 at 15:00
Via Zoom. You will receive the link one hour in advance. 
Tickets full price 3,50 | Artist/student/stadspas 2,50

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