Internship: Pigeon Towers

Hands-on production and organisation

Are you interested in the design potential of living organisms? We are looking for people who get happy making an exhibition and making it run smoothly. Since June 2020 we are experimenting with different forms and methods to build pigeon towers with mycelium waste under the direction of Arne Hendriks.

You will gain a lot of experience in a short time and work closely with the artist. This internship is especially suitable for practical-minded students with an interest in the design process and a hands-on mentality. Click here for a timeline of towers and former interns.


Dominik building the fundament for a new Mycelium Pigeon Tower - Nadine Schütz


  • Contributing to the production / organizational execution of the project
  • Thinking about and researching the best materials and techniques per project
  • Other activities to be determined in consultation

Student profile

  • The student speaks and writes English fluently
  • Has good communication skills
  • Works well independently, is handy, and likes to get things done
  • Is at home on the WWW, preferably handy with Apple, and active in social network sites
  • HBO / WO level of thinking and not afraid to take responsibilities

What do we offer?

  • An inspiring environment, in the center of Amsterdam
  • A broad national and international network in the art, culture, and bio sector
  • An internship that allows you to gain a lot of experience of working at a cultural institution
  • An internship at Mediamatic lasts for 100 days, for at least 4 days a week
  • Here you can find all the important information about doing an internship at MediamaticPigeon Towers

The mycelium pigeon tower is a constant process. It starts with the mushroom farm, from which we get the waste flows. These waste streams are fertile blocks on which mushrooms have grown, which are now full of mycelium. With these blocks, we build a pigeon tower, which grows together because the mycelium connects. Eventually, the idea is to grow maize on this fertile tower, which is eaten by pigeons. The pigeons in turn defecate in the tower, which ensures that the tower, which is now increasingly composting, becomes even more fertile. And on that fertile soil, we can grow mushrooms. Since the summer of 2020, we have been experimenting with different forms and methods of building this living cycle and investigating material decomposition as part of the design process.


Send a short motivation and CV in PDF format to stating 'Pigeon towers internship'. We would also like to know when you can start your internship.

For questions, please contact