Machine No.2 (Reindert)

By David Kerssens Goedhart

23 Jul 2021
30 Sep 2021

Having recently graduated from the Rietveld Academie, David is now showcasing his graduation piece at Mediamatic. His mechanical installation drops and transports helicopter seeds using air and a valve system. By creating the journey that seeds take through the installation, viewers can experience the joy of natural phenomena in a fashion beyond the mere image.

Over summer 2021, David is showcasing and tuning and revising Machine No.2 in our barn. You can see it in action on Friday and Sunday at 17:00. 


Sweaty Summer Odorama Machine - Eszter Jámbor

Machine No.2

Machine No.2, also known as Reindert, is a steel machine with its sole purpose being to drop helicopter seeds. However, a lot more lies beneath the surface. The mechanism not only drops the seeds but also transports them back up again by means of air and a valve system. While showcasing this work along with his background in photography, David developed machines to capture natural phenomena in a fashion beyond mere image.

“I studied photography and audio visual, but I felt like both mediums did not really work for me because I was always trying to find a way to capture certain natural phenomena. That’s why I started to built machines to go very far in trying to make a device that could capture a certain phenomena in a very specific state”

David Kerssens

David Kerssens Goedhart is an artist, photographer and recent graduate of in the department of moving image at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. With his machines he tries to explore traditional notions such as beauty, awe, the sublime and truth, and to provoke the viewer into contemplation.

The machines build on his past as a photographer. Kerssens Goedhart believes that what he wants to capture cannot be captured by a photo or film camera. The machines function as a camera and a projector in one, but they also manage to transcend these functions and to grow into a new kind of almost enigmatic object.


You can view Machine N.02 in action every Friday and Sunday at 17:00.