Marguerite d'Ervau

Design your own Shroud - WO Assistant checklist

with Susanne Duijvenstein

Ever thought about what you will wear when you're dead? In the past it was customary in the Netherlands to make your own death shroud and keep it in your linen closet because you never know. Although this tradition has passed, the shroud has reappeared in our 21st century as a more sustainable alternative to the coffin. In the workshop Design your own Shroud, progressive funeral director Susanne Duijvestein invites participants to dive into this old tradition, to actively think about the natural cycle of life and death, and to start designing their own burial shroud.

As a workshop assistant, your role is to prepare the space, take care of ticketing, be there during the workshop and clean up afterwards. Don't hesitate to print this assistant checklist and have it with you on the day of workshop!

Here is some information about ticketing when you are a workshop assistant.



Museumnacht visitor creating a pattern with flower petals on fabric during the Design your own Shroud workshop -

General information about the workshop

Time ~4h30 (1h prep + 3h30 during)

Location: Sluisdeurenloods
Max. participants: 10
Tutor: Susanne Duijvestein
Phone number: 0644366264
Email address:

NOTE: this workshop deals with the theme of death. If you're not comfortable with it, please let the workshop manager know.


Material checklist

For this workshop, you will need:

  • One long table per participant 
  • One chair per participant 
  • One (or more) long table to place the fabrics 
  • One small table for the sewing machine  
  • Hot water jug for tea 
  • Extension cord if needed for the sewing machine [Office - corridor closet]


To-do list


A week before the workshop

  • Check the number of participants
  • Make sure there are enough tables and chairs 
  • The day before the workshop: clean up/tidy the workshop area

On the day of the workshop

  • Arrive an hour early to set up the space 
  • Put water into the tea jug, and turn it on 
  • Go to the Aquaponics and get some mint for the tea 
  • Set out some mugs for tea (can take from the bar)
  • Set up the tables and chairs according to the number of participants 
  • Set up the table for the fabrics and sewing machine 
    • For the fabric table, suggest that this be put against the wall (to support the fabric) 
    • Sewing machine table to be placed near a plug (if not, use an extension cord)
  • When Susanne arrives: 
    • Help her bring things in from her car 
    • She'll have pencils, notepads, and erasers ready for everyone, so take these and set them on each table. 

NOTE: When you set up the space for this workshop, make sure to leave a big space in the middle for Susanne to demonstrate how to wrap the shroud. 

During the workshop

  • Welcome participants and scan tickets.
  • Help participants and keep the space tidy. 
  • Once all tickets are scanned, you can participate in the workshop (if you so desired) 

After the workshop 

  • Turn off the tea jug 
  • Dump out the mint leaves and rinse the jug 
  • Bring the tea mug back to the bar
  • Tidy up the workshop space 
  • Help Susanne gather the materials that she brought and tidy them 
  • Help bring Susanne's things to her car 
  • Put away the tables and chairs