Pledge allegiance to the pigeon

Gather, march and pledge your allegiance to the pigeon

5 Nov 2022
5 Nov 2022

How do we show our dedication to the pigeon? We gather and pledge our allegiance! During Museum Night we invite you to join us in performing a pigeon pledge. 



pledge allegiance to the pigeon - Anisa Xhomaqi

Pledge Allegiance to the Pigeon 

Learn about the importance of pigeons and show your appreciation for the species. Artist Pauline Wiersema will lead a pigeon pledge during Museum Night at Mediamatic. 



Portrait of Pauline Wiersema - Read more about Pauline here


Pauline Wiersema 


Pauline Wiersema is a Dutch social practice artist that designs artistic campaigns to communicate sociopolitical messages. She specialises in accessible, creative concepts 'fully of the social', with the help of a self-developed HUH method. It brings together a fine mix of confusion, humour, participation - and a bit of activism.



Pledge Allegiance to the Pigeon will run during Museum Night 2022, on November 5th.

You are welcome to join at the entrance of the Mediamatic Biotoop.