Virgile Durando

Designer and researcher


Virgile Durando, the knotweed craftsman, at work. - Credits: Iris Rijskamp.

Virgile Durando is a Product/Material designer and researcher from France with a focus on sustainability. Durando is a Cum Laude alumni from the Design Academy Eindhoven and has worked with several materials we consider as waste. One of the key materials they have worked with is the Japanese Knotweed. Durando has done several projects on this ‘invasive’ species and has actively worked on reimagining a different future for the unwanted plant. Be that through researching its unpopular place in Dutch culture and society or through finding new design purposes for the plant.

During the Japanese knotweed festival, Virgile is hosting an interactive exhibition titled Weaving Japanese knotweed. Read more about it here