Knotweed Mosaic

Rethink, Reshape, Refine

14 Apr 2023
30 Apr 2023

The open studio of designer Virgile Durando shows an array of different applications of Japanese Knotweed stems. From weaves to joints and from marquetry to complete furniture, these diverse applications show the versatility of the material. On selected days Virgile will be present in the studio to answer questions and share his knowledge.


Remaking Knotweed - Exhibition showcase at Aquaponics during the Japanese Knotweed Festival - Jiyoung Lee

Meet the artist in our Aquaponics space as he works on Japanese Knotweed creations. Virgile Durando will transmit the knowledge he has gathered on how to use and manipulate the Japanese Knotweed in a walk-in exhibition setting. Want to try for yourself? The artist offers Remaking Knotweed sessions in which you can craft using knotweed and learn marquetry techniques.


Virgil Durando talking to visitors of the Knotweed Mosaïc open studio. -

Virgile Durando

Virgile Durando is a product/material designer and researcher from France. He is our current artist in residency, presently working on how to develop products and a company from waste material of the eradication of invasive species. For his graduation to the Design Academy in Eindhoven he focused on Japanese knotweed, at Mediamatic he continues this research. In his practice he aims to understand this plant, subsequently assembling a list of tools and techniques to turn this contested species into a malleable, fascinating and multi-purposeful material.


14 April - 30 April
All week
All day
The studio display is visible from the street side in front of Mediamatic.

Open studio

Friday - Sunday
15:30 - 18:00
Free Entry

Virgile will be giving workshops "Remaking Knotweed" in the open studio every weekend from 14:00 to 15:30. It is possible to watch but not join the workshop without a ticket. Find more information about the workshop here

By Emma Van Mol