Emma Van Mol

Exhibition assistant (she/her)


Veggie Portrait. Emma van Mol - Emma chose the grapes.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

My name is Emma, I followed an internship at Mediamatic as part of my studies in Spatial Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy.


As an exhibition intern I worked on the production of exhibitions and events at Mediamatic. For the Japanese Knotweed Festival I participated actively in the designing and production/maintenance process of the "Not In My Backyard!" exhibition, as well as Virgile Durando’s “Remaking Knotweed” exhibition/workshop. I managed the artists who brought a musical contribution to the festival. Later I worked on the Pigeon Towers project, organizing a Gentle Disco and working on the Living Tower Talks.

From this internship I learned many practical skills, gained insight on the organization of an art institution, and made new connections. I enjoyed the diversity of tasks such as assisting workshops and events, and participating in communal gardening & cleaning tasks.

After this internship I will continue my last year of studies with a graduation project and further develop my artistic practice, pursuing my interests in music production and painting. 

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