Justin Knelange

Photography Assistant


Veggie Portrait. Justin - Justin chose the pear. Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

Hey, I'm Justin, I'm 19 years old and I'll be doing photography, videography and social media management at Mediamatic until July 2023. 

So far I've spent most of my life in Edam and Amsterdam. Edam, a city about 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, is my hometown where I was born and raised (It's right next to Volendam, you might recognize that name). I'm living a happy life with my family and pets, aswell as a nice group of friends.

Things in life I'm most passionate about are photography, my pets and animals in general, making new connections with people, going on adventures and traveling to as many places I'm not familiar with as possible and cars (I'm a big classic car guy). I love experiencing new things, sharing my knowledge with people, helping them and just having fun in general. 

Currently I am studying photography at Mediacollege in Amsterdam from 2020 until 2024. The study is called Photographic Designer. During this study I am learning all the ins and outs of photography and everything around it. For example, think of videography, social media management, marketing, communication and design. I hope to use these skills during my internship at Mediamatic and expand my knowledge on these topics. Let's create awesome things together!


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