Justin Knelange

Photography Assistant


Veggie Portrait. Justin - Justin chose the pear. Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

At Mediamatic, I've taken care of the photography, social media, videography and general communication between February 2023 and July 2023 together with the team.

I've had a lot of fun at Mediamatic in the five months I've worked here. I've done many different, weird and cool things. I've gathered 170GB of files, made thousands of photos, attended events, workshops, dinners and so much more. It's impossible to describe it properly.


Hi, I'm Justin :) -

Some information about me: I followed a study called Photographic Designer at Mediacollege Amsterdam in West and I aspire to be a photographer, preferrably specialized in automotive or abstract documentary photography. I love telling stories, capturing emotions and just generally experiencing different things. I love to seek discomfort, doing things I usually wouldn't or I'm afraid to do. I like meeting new people, love animals (mostly cats and foxes) and like working with plants. Oh, and I am a big classic car guy. It's really something that excites me and at the time of writing, I own a 1983 Volkswagen Beetle and 1996 Volkswagen Golf 3 Cabrio. I hope to expand this collection by a lot in the future.


Spices and ingredients our head chef Panos Fakos works with - Justin Knelange, Panos Fakos

In my time at Mediamatic, the Instagram account has gained over 2.000 new followers and we've done over 70 posts. We've also done hundreds of stories, I've taken on projects, wrote two articles and met so many lovely people. One of which is JiYoung Lee. She's been the person I've worked closest together with, as she was also a photography intern. We've worked together with Marcel in our communication team.


Dog dinner photo with receipt - The dog will pay the bill this time Jiyoung Lee, Justin Knelange

The biggest project we've worked on, was the Dog Dinner. It's been the project where most of our content was used to promote it and it did really well. The photoshoots we did were very stressful, but Ji and I did a great job and got very nice photos. I like the project a lot and visitors always seem very happy about their experience.


Mediamatic Building from the bridge (2023) - Justin Knelange

If you get the chance, visit our Gentle Disco. It's such a fun event and it's been my favorite thing about Mediamatic, along with the communal gardening. Fun, relaxing moments to connect with other people. You really shouldn't miss out. Besides that, taking on my own projects has been fun. Or just bigger projects in general, like documenting exhibitions. I've photographed quite a lot of them and I've really enjoyed doing so.


Face Nature exhibition projectors - Jiyoung Lee, Justin Knelange

To give you a bit of an overview about Mediamatic in my honest experience: Mediamatic is a very nice, but chaotic place. There's always something happening and you'll be part of such special and unique projects. I love this about Mediamatic. The people are non-judgemental, very sweet and always open to help. Almost anyone will fit in. I do have to tell you, though, the chaos can get a bit much. Sometimes you might find yourself in a period of many events happening and with a lot of work to do. It could get overwhelming. On the other hand, the people are always open to talk with you about it and will always search for a solution with you.


Mici giving me a side eye - he likes me, though Justin Knelange

With: Mici

Ofcourse, I can't leave out my best friend Mici. Always keeping me company during my host shift and sitting on my lap. Then two hours later running away from me as if I'm the scariest thing to have walked this earth. He has his mood swings. I'll miss him a lot. And my buddy Otto ofcourse. I hope he'll work on his separation anxiety a little bit, but he's cool.


Otto starts career as photomodel - Justin Knelange

With: Otto

Concluding my long page, I just really want to thank everyone at Mediamatic. It's been a wild ride, I've not always felt best but it's been great. I could always talk to people like Sacha, Marcel, JiYoung, Parvin, Emma, Naomi, Tara and Luna and their presence has really been great. Thanks for the amazing team that's welcomed me with open arms ever since my intake meeting until the last minute. Many memories and fun times I'll never forget. I wish everyone who's working here or will work here the best of luck. I hope you'll enjoy your time!

p.s. don't forget to visit my website and Instagram link to see where I'm at now :)


Justin and Maria at the Gentle Disco June 2023 - Fiachra Corr


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