At last... theater that's not just for humans

8 Sep 2023
17 Sep 2023

Theater performance for chickens. We are learning more and more about interpersonal inclusiveness, but it is time to take a critical look at our interspecies diversity as well. Too little art is made for species other than humans. We are going to change that.


Hoofdbeeld van de voorstelling KIP: Theatervoorstelling voor kippen. Gemaakt door Anne Hofstra. - Afbeelding gemaakt door Anne Hofstra


We do not know what it is like to be a chicken.

We know broadly what makes a chicken healthy and calm.

We know that a chicken has complex emotions, we know that a chicken has the cognitive ability to feel, show and recognize empathy.

We know that a chicken is smart.

But whether a chicken can wonder or enjoy art, we don't know.


Anne Hofstra en de kippen op Buitenplaats Doornburg - Onderzoek voor de voorstelling kip

With: Anne Hofstra

Making humans the center of the universe has not done much good for the planet and its human and non-human inhabitants. Clearly, we need to change our perspective. That we begin to see not humans but the entire eco-system as the center. But such a perspective change is difficult. How can we unlearn the human-centered structures we have built around us?

We are setting an example by creating this theater performance, not for humans, but for chickens. We have spent the past few months among the chickens. We researched what chickens are likely to like in a theatrical performance. Although the performance is for chickens, we also have some seats for human visitors. So come out of your human bubble and enjoy!

KIP is an initiative of Anne Hofstra and is part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

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Anne Hofstra - Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

With: Anne Hofstra

Anne Hofstra is an artistic researcher. Currently, she is particularly interested in how we as humans can learn to make not only humans, but the entire ecosystem the center of our thinking. She has previously made theater performances and radio plays and worked as a program developer at Mediamatic where she made programs about interspecies collaborations such as Duif, Inhuman Carnival and the Knotweed Festival.

Willem Wits studied ArtScience at the Royal Art Academy of The Hague, the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the University of Leiden. He worked as a performer and creator in several theater productions, such as Thuisreiziger, de Sekszusjes and Herman van Veen.

Doke Pauwels is a dramaturge and dancer. She took her dance training at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, did a master's degree in dramaturgy at the University of Amsterdam and studied theater at The New School in New York. She has worked for International Theater Amsterdam, Toneelschuur Producties, Deutsche Oper Berlin, and the Philharmonie Luxembourg, among others, and collaborated with autonomous theater makers such as Emke Idema and Sofie Kramer. With art initiative Antidote, she initiates conceptual and experimental performances, parties and festivals.

For 11 days each September, Amsterdam Fringe Festival showcases a mixmash of theater, performance and dance from new, emerging and untamed talent. The festival presents a multidisciplinary program of over 60 artists, from diverse backgrounds, origins and futures. This showcase festival is a haven for experimentation and provides a stage for new creators and stories. Amsterdam Fringe Festival is an ode to theatrical madness, the independent spirit and a plea for artistic freedom.

As part of the performance, we have chickens at Mediamatic. The welfare of these chickens is one of the highest priorities in this performance and we do everything we can to give these chickens a good time. Read our animal welfare statement here.


Ticket: €12,50
CJP: €11,50

This performance plays on:
Friday, September 8 19:00
Sunday 10 September 15:00
Tuesday 12 September 19:00
Sunday 17 September 15:00

Extra added shows: 
Sunday 10 September 19:00
Wednesday 13 September 19:00
Sunday 17 September 19:00

Duration: approximately 40 minutes

These performances will be in Dutch.