Open Knotweed Hunt - Flevopark

Join us in foraging some knotweed!

18 Apr 2024

LAST MINUTE CHANGE: The foraging is now in Flevopark, see our instagram for the exact location.

During the knotweed season there is a lot of Japanese knotweed to forage. Join us and forage some knotweed for your upcoming workshop yourself! We share the location where we will forage each week so you can meet us there and we can teach you how to forage the plant. 

Meeting Point: 16:30 at Flevopark.

Free to join!


Harvesting knotweed culms. - Jiyoung Lee

Knotweed grows almost everywhere, is super easy to pick and you can do a lot with it! Foraging knotweed is very easy, but not everyone knows where to start or how to do it counciously. For our events during the Knotweed Season, Mediamatic will have to forage a lot of knotweed. You are welcome to join our foraging trips so you can learn how to do it safely and sustainably. 

You cal also learn about how to forage knotweed on our 'How to Forage Knotweed Safely' page.


Harvesting the young shoots - Author: Jiyoung Lee

What will you do?

Meet us at the meeting spot mentioned in the event. After that, we will walk to the knotweed patch, our staff will explain how to find the plant in your local area. You can help us forage what we need for our events or forage for what you will need for the workshops you will join.


Location: At the end of the Flevoparkweg, next to the Amsterdams-Rhine canal.

18 april, 16:30 - 18:00
Our focus today will be shoots for cooking and pickling and dry stalks for crafting.
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Knotweed Locations


Flevopark Knotweed Foraging Meeting Spot 18/04 -