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Opening: In Order to Smile in a Tin Box

by Jesse Glazzard

20 Jul 2024

Join us this Saturday from 5pm for the opening of our new exhibition In Order to Smile in a Tin Box by our artist in residence Jesse Glazzard

In addition to his work for fashion brands and magazines such as Interview, Dazed and Vogue, Jesse Glazzard is always working on personal work, documenting the London queer scene and his own life as a neuroqueer artist. For this exhibition at Mediamatic, we show a series of his most personal and intimate portraits.

Free to join!

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Studio portraits - Jesse Glazard Jesse Glazzard


Charlie - B&W analogue photo and print  Jesse Glazzard



Alpha - B&W analogue photo and print 2021 Jesse Glazzard

About the artist

Jesse Glazzard is a photographer from West Yorkshire based in London. Since graduating from University of Salford in 2018 and Central Saint Martins in 2019, he has been documenting spaces, friends, his lovers, and models, both in staged portraiture and in the spontaneous in a raw and throughway style. He most recently published a zine titled 'In Order To Smile In a Tin Box', the zine featured work over 3 years and was printed on risographic paper. He works across fashion and documentary. Working for magazines such as Interview Mag, British Vogue and Dazed.