Thomas Vander Wal

Freely Seeping through the walls of the garden

Breaking organizations of their love of hierarchy

Organizations love their hierarchy, but it quite often hinders their progress as well as the progress of the members or participants in their organization. The walled gardens create barriers to creation and sharing, which has great value. But, walls do have value for many who need smaller groups of known participants to build a sense of comfort. These walls need to be permeable and leak, at a minimum to let the understandings find those who need it (as well as the converse).

We know walled gardens do not provide the best value for society and organizations, but we also know many people work best in small groups in familiar comfortable surroundings. This talk will build a path that examines both sides of the wall and how to use the comfortable surroundings to aid those who need it while creating openings to let the created value through and out.