Cut the Crap met Conny

Join us in creating an amazing textile installation

1 Jun 2017
31 Aug 2017

Together with designer Conny Groenewegen and the FAMA (Fashion Machine) team here at Mediamatic, you can help us knit giant fleece banners that will slowly engulf our headquarters! Collaborate with us and learn about our special hand-knitting technique, recycling clothes and the impact of fast throw-away fashion on you, your environment and our world.



Cut the Crap met Conny at the kick-off - The installation Fashion Machine is presented at Mediamatic in spring/summer 2017, a space invading installation of knitted flags made from fleece strips. Pieter van der Meer

Lending a hand and learning

Fashion Machine is a life-size artwork by fashion designer Conny Groenewegen that is made by a large group of participants during the workshop Cut the Crap met Conny. On basic wooden knitting benches, we knit an endlessly long thread made of over 2,000 kilograms of worn fleece sweaters. 

The ultimate goal is to enwrap the Mediamatic building in giant knitted banners. As a participant you will learn about the production of clothing and why fleece is so harmful to the environment. On top of that, we will make something new with an unwanted piece of clothing: a beautiful monument right in the center of Amsterdam. Only with your help we can make this positive and striking artwork!


Cut the Crap met Conny - The installation Fashion Machine is presented at Mediamatic in spring/summer 2017, a space invading installation of knitted flags made from fleece strips. Elise Jansen

For whom?

Knitting and learning enthusiasts and colleagues: the Cut the Crap met Conny is the perfect opportunity to work with fashion professionals, craft specialists and enthusiastic participants in a cozy community. You also get in touch with topics like hand-knitting techniques, clothing production, durability and recycling. Also, there are all kinds of Fashion Machine events and you can earn a specially designed Fashion Machine t-shirt!

Special FAMA events

Kick-off: 23 June 2017 | 20:00-01:00
Get ready for a celebratory kick-off of FAMA (Fashion Machine) during the Midsummer Night. With 'plastic soup' cocktails, a short Q&A with Aynouk Tan and Conny Groenewegen and DJ Cano and Thijs van Geloven.

Uitmarkt event: 25-27 August 2017
During the Uitmarkt (this year around Oosterdok) there was a special Uitmarkt event: Arsty Onesie Tango Rave.


Cut_the_crap_people.gif - Crys Leung, Chiara Barraco


Register for one or more days of participation by sending an e-mail to:

* If you come for 1 day, we will provide you with coffee or tea and a delicious vegan lunch
* If you come for 2 days or more, you will receive a special edition FAMA T-shirt
* If you help us more days, you will become a FAMA friend (get a bar discount of 25%, and entrance to Breimibo’s and special events)
* As a FAMA friend you get the opportunity to be a model in our Fashion Fleece Week catwalk show!


Cut the Crap met Conny
Thursday 1 June - 31 August 2017
Monday - Friday 10:00-18:00, Saturday & Sunday 11:00 - 18:00
Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam

Fashion Machine is a project of Conny Groenewegen in collaboration with Stichting Mediamatic and Esther Meijer.


More images can be found here.