Radiant Beach

New Order 1/5: Martti Kalliala

25 Feb 2012
1 Jul 2012

The harnessing of the immense power of the atom is one of the great achievements of the 20th century, one that both poses great risks and offers great opportunities. Under the Beach, a Radiant City, an installation by Finnish architect Martti Kalliala, explores a future scenario where the risks of spent nuclear fuel are turned into an opportunity for leisure. Inspired by the afterglow of nuclear waste, Kalliala created an artificially hot beach in Mediamatic FABRIEK, the new gigantic exhibition space of Mediamatic. Immerse yourself in the radiance of the thunderbolts of Zeus.


Radiant Beach -

Martti Kalliala (1980) is a Finnish architect based in Helsinki. Currently he is on a tour with a book titled Solution 239-246 Finland: The Welfare Game, he wrote together with Jena Sutela and Tuomas Toivonen. The book proposes a number of cultural, economical and social pragmatic utopian projects for Finland. These projects range from the complete absurd to feasible and serious. One of the projects is based on the fact that Finland wants to build underground nuclear waste disposal plants. In theory these plants will produce an enormous amount of warmth, what if we use this warmth to warm ourselves? Would it be an idea if we use this nuclear warmth, the way health spa's and thermal baths use thermal springs?

Martti Kalliala is currently living and working in Helsinki. He founded research and design practice Pro Toto. Kalliala also constitutes one half of the electronic music duos Renaissance Man and Heat Death.


Radiant Beach, through a thermo-camera - installation by Martti Kalliala

Radiant Picnic

On Sunday, the 4th of March people were welcome to join the Radiant Picnic. All the fun of a summer resort: with music, volleyball and picnic food. Click here to read more about Radiant Picnic and to see photo's of the event.

New Order series

Radiant Beach is part of the New Order exhibition series. New Order explores a world in which energy has become a fundamental principle of our society. Five consecutive solo shows feature new works by Dutch and international artists, designers and architects, each responding to various elements of society - such as politics, economy, health, food and experience - which together combine to outline a complete future world. Click here to read more about New Order.


25-02-2012 Radiant Beach, through thermo-camera - New Order - New Order, organized by Mediamatic, is a series of exhibitions investigating a world where energy has become a fundamental principle of our society. Five solo shows show new work by Dutch and international artists, designers and architects. Their work is a response to different facets of our society: politics, economics, health, food and experience. Together they form a sketch of a future world. One of the projects of New Order is based on the fact that Finland wants to build underground…

More information

The opening of Radiant Beach is on February 24 from 17.00 to 20.00. Radiant Beach is open from February 25 till July 1. Monday till Friday from 13.00 till 18.00. Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 till 18.00. Entrance fee is 5,- for a New Order passe-partout. Mediamatic FABRIEK is situated on the Oostenburgereiland. Visit this page for directions.

New Order is made possible by Mondriaan Stichting, Ministerie van OCW, Gemeente Amsterdam, SNS Reaal Fonds and Stadgenoot.


Radiant Beach - human vision view Sascha Pohflepp