Pissing in the Park

Masterclass Place Branding and site-specific Design with Christian Pagh

26 Jun 2015

Do you want to be involved in designing the identity of a public space? Mediamatic welcomes Christian Pagh, one of the top European designers in the fields of Culture Design and Urban Planning, to explore the theme of public urinals. Speaker at our upcoming Pis'talk: Pissing in Public, Pagh will also be giving an exclusive Masterclass where we will deconstruct the notion of the toilet through delving into his method of Space Branding. Our case study: Mediamatic’s new Dijkspark. Could we turn this space into a public urinal while using this as a positive feature for its identity?


Christian Pagh - Cultural Designer and Founder of UiWe - UiWE (DK)

Christian Pagh

Founder of the multidisciplinary, Copenhagen-based design agencies UiWE and Urgent Agency, Christian Pagh is a specialist in the interaction between culture, design and urban planning with substantial experience in turning site-specific qualities into creative and innovative design solutions. Christian has been in charge of a variety of planning projects with cities, companies and organizations. One project that we have specifically targeted is the PeeBetter project. A focus on making it easier to pee in public space. If you would like to learn more about this topic you can attend our Pissing in Public talk on Thursday the 25th.


Functional Urinals Designed for a Public Space - PeeBetter products for public convenience Peebetter, Christian Pagh (DK)


Pollee by UiWE - Base of urinal and Pollee Naked. The urinal base and Pollee Naked UiWE (DK)

With: UiWE (DK)


This is an invitation to urban designers and creative thinkers to interact with a new public space. In this special hands-on Masterclass, Christian Pagh will share his extensive understanding and knowledge of culture design and place branding in order to deconstruct the notion of the toilet. Together with the Pis'project we will focus on the creation of a unique Public Urinal experience within the developing park around Mediamatic. We are interested in conceptual design interventions that can be considered in the design of Dijkspark. With water/plumbing issues, drinking events and many popular surrounding social spaces, there is much to be considered!


12:30 Lunch and introduction by Christian Pagh and Willem Velthoven.
13:30 Exploring the Dijkspark
14:00 Design Dijkspark as public urinal with Christian Pagh
18:00 Presentation and discussion
19:00 Drinks

The masterclass includes:
. Lunch
. Masterclass Place Branding
. The opportunity to be apart of the development of a functioning, public space
. Post- Masterclass drinks with Christian


Presentation - Presenting the designs in the greenhouse Xiang Yu Yeung


Exploring Dijkspark - Participants walked around in the local area of Dijkspark to search for potential public peeing spaces and for new possibilities of public peeing facilities Xiang Yu Yeung


The area surrounding Mediamatic and the Dijksgracht is undergoing vast development. Together with local residents, the Klimmuur Centraal, Hannekes Boom, Barco Restaurant and Shaffy's Tuin, Mediamatic is working towards transforming the area into a bio-diverse, public park. Dijkspark is merely a brand and design that does not yet exist. Our developing location is a candy store for Urban Designers. With an onsite aquaponics greenhouse, creative space for rent, an event location and a developing restaurant and biolab the innovative ideas are endless. In time, Dijkspark will be a result of the collective effort of all the partners, and will function as an open and urban green space as well as a community garden. Go here to see a visual representation of all the things that are happening at Mediamatic.


Mastering the class - Christian Pagh explaining the notions of space branding and culture design Xiang Yu Yeung


Presentation - Workshop participant Mike Thompson gives his presentation regarding his proposed Pee Fountain - a unique pee experience! Xiang Yu Yeung

Why Piss?

We have recently begun a 2 year program called The Pis’project. It is an exploration of urine, in cultural, artistic and biological ways. Our aim is to raise awareness about Urine's place in society and assist in it becoming a more discussed topic.


The design phase - A workshop participant is getting ready to put ideas for public peeing facilities in Dijkspark on paper Xiang Yu Yeung


Presentation - Workshop participants give presentations of their ideas for their visualised possible interventions for a unique pee-experience at Dijkspark Xiang Yu Yeung


A "public urinal" - Identifying possible areas in Dijkspark for public peeing facilities Xiang Yu Yeung

Masterclass with Christian Pagh
Friday, June 26th, 12:30 - 19:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, 1019BS Amsterdam
Tickets: €360* incl Club Mediamatic Membership.

*Freelancers, students and employees of cultural organizations qualify for a 30% discount. Just use the discount code "Pisbrand" if this applies to you. The reduced price is €275,- incl. VAT(BTW). For questions please e-mail workshops [at] or call: 020-6389901.

Participants are advised to attend our Pis'talk event on Thursday to understand the foundation of Christian's Place Branding Masterclass. Attending the Pis'talk is free for participants of the Masterclass.


An Introduction - Participants in the Masterclass listening to the introduction given by Willem Velthoven regarding the development of Dijkspark Xiang Yu Yeung