Diesel Brewer

João Negro

state artist


Bailing alfafa from a vacant lot in Detroit - © Nikos Doulos

Evangelista&Negro is a collective of a one-man's show (or army, depending the situation), operating through performance art and devised theater, inbetween the theater and the gallery, passing through (sub) urban spaces.

Currently collaborating with Mediamatic in the installation of the Diesel Kantine at the Fabriek, and Brew your own diesel workshops.

Work documentation:

Diesel Kantine - food and fuel services
(or how to survive the winter in 10 steps)

Diesel Laboratory - service research
(or how i was more one of them than one of them)

Detroit learning by doing praxis
(or how i didnt get shot in 3 months)

Here you can read about the bio-diesel project.