Aquaponics: a review before the workshop

Aquaponics Group Meeting #13

3 Jul 2012

The high density 4-storey Aquaponic Edifice, together with the Diesel Kantine of João Negro, had its first showing at the Food and Architecture Fair in Amsterdam and it is now in Eindhoven for the exhibition Food Culture: Eating by Design.


24-06-2012 High Density 4-storey Aquaponics Edifice at Food & Architecture Fair - The Food & Architecture Fair, organized by Arcam, took place at the Food Center in Amsterdam on June 24th, the Day of the Architecture. Mediamatics Aquaponics High Density Edifice was exhibited at the Food & Architecture Fair. Vertical urban fish and veggie farm.

The Aquaponics Group will meet at the Van Gendthallen to talk about the exhibitions and the tower system and prepare everything for the upcoming workshop on Friday July 6th.

RSVP on this page if you'd like to join us for dinner.