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Machinima Workshop

27 | 28 February & 1 | 2 March 2007

27 Feb 2007
2 Mar 2007

Making Machinima is making movies in 3D games. Machinima makers use games as tools to film their own scenarios. Machinima keeps evolving, the practice is spreading widely beyond the gaming community.


Machinima workshop flyer - 27 februari t/m 2 maart 2007, Mediamatic Post CS

Workshop approach

In this 4-day workshop participants make their own machinima movies or game based projects, guided by experienced machinimamakers and animators. The participants find out what Machinima can do, they learn how to make Machinima, get to see a lot of great Machinima and make their own Machinima movies.

The workshop provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to create your own Machinima, or to further improve your skills if you already tried your hand at it.

Besides technical instructions on set design, character creation, re-camming and post production, we will focus on cinematic and artistic possibilites of shooting film in 3d engines.

Trainers & speakers

Participants will be guided through the Machinima production process by Daniël van Gils , Jonas Hielscher and Ricard Gras, 3 experts from the fields of game/interaction design and 3D animation.

Daniël van Gils (NL) - programmer, interaction designer, media educator. Daniël is an independent designer and programmer who mainly work s in the field of culture. Besides guiding participants through aspects of 3D animation, level design and sound in 3D spaces.

Jonas Hielscher founded, an organization that supports young new media artists, and has built a range of interactive performance and gaming installations.

Ricard Gras from the Leicester based LA-INTERACTIVA.
They engage with videogames and film/TV production companies, artists, and educationalists in order to develop new ways of developing content, often by engaging audiences in the process. They are currently working on their own private island in Second Life that they use for their projects.

Target group

This workshop is intended for filmmakers, animators and gamers, who are interested in each others arts. Some experience with playing video games or film editing is helpful, but not essential.

Information and registration

The price for this workshop is EUR 250 incl. VAT.
For students the price is reduced to EUR 150,- incl. VAT!!!
You can register via our online registration form
For more information about our Machinima workshop, mail to or call Klaas Kuitenbrouwer: +31 20 6389901.


In preparation for this workshop a collection of books, articles and media has been put together in the Machinima Reader.