Renée Ridgway

artist, curator, writer, lecturer, translator...nomadic


Road images- Dutchmen.jpg - Taken in upstate New York, U.S.A. Just after I took the picture it moved to the left lane-and stayed there.

I am always on the road it seems and always online and I seem to like it.

I am an artist, free-lance curator and writer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since completing my studies in fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design, (BFA), Rietveld Academie and Piet Zwart Institute (MA), I have exhibited widely in the Netherlands and abroad. Last year I focused on a new body of work coined ‘cultural currency’, whilst lecturing and teaching at various institutions in the U.S., U.K. and the Netherlands. This year I am working on my 'Manhattan Project'.

My curatorial and collaborational practice has investigated alter egos/constructed identities- (Migrating Identity-Identifying the Migrant 2001, cat.), the unseen other in society- (Migrating Identity-Transmission/Reconstruction 2004, cat.), sovereignty- (Third Space in the Fourth World 2003, cat.) and the boundaries of otherness- (Another Publication 2007, cat.) This year I co- initiated a digital platform that encompasses curatorial perspectives from all over the world. n.e.w.s.: