Gene Sharp Special

Documentary preview and lecture on the godfather of nonviolent revolution

10 May 2011

Gene Sharp has enabled citizens of dictatorships across the world to overthrow their governments. Documentary maker Ruaridh Arrow showed significant fragments of the film he made about this influential man, as well as raw material from the shooting.


Ruaridh Arrow and Willem Velthoven - Picture taken during the screening of Ruaridh Arrow's documentary about Gene Sharp at the Mediamatic Bank 10. May 9th, 2011. Never heard of Gene Sharp? The documentary screening and the talk that followed gave the audience insight into the relationship between Sharp's work and recent revolutions. Mar-Ina Uhrig

From Dictatorship to Democracy

Since its publication in 1993, From Dictatorship to Democracy has been translated into more than thirty different languages. The guide to nonviolent revolution has enabled and inspired citizens from all over the world to overthrow their dictatorial governments. In 2000 the Otpor used the guide to overthrow Milosevic, and during the recent revolution in Egypt photocopies of the Arabic translation were spread amongst the protesters on Tahrir Square. More than half of Gene Sharp's 198 nonviolent weapons were employed.

In Russia the book has been burned, and in Iran and Venezuela Gene Sharp, 83 years old, has been proclaimed a national threat. Find out more about the film here.

It has been difficult for the film makers to get funding from the British government for making this documentary. You can help with donating money here to help them completing the film.


Book by Gene Sharp at a presentation by Ruaridh Arrow - picture taken during the screening of Ruaridh Arrow's documentary about Gene Sharp at the Mediamatic Bank 10. May 2011 Mar-Ina Uhrig


Gene Sharp - Gene Sharp is the leading academic in nonviolent revolution. Writer of From Dictatorship to Democracy , a guide to nonviolent revolution. Employed by Otpor to overthrow Milosevic, as well as during the recent Egyptian revolution.

From Dictatorship to Democracy is available for free download from the Albert Einstein Institution. It can be found here

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Doors opened: 20:00. Location: Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. Entrance fee: €5,-. Students receive a 50% discount.