Nieuw Jurk Fashion Performance

Let's lift fashion to a higher plane. Don't be square be there!

18 Jan 2009
18 Jan 2009

Nieuw Jurk wholeheartedly invited everyone to join the festive presentation of Kubus, the wondrous new collection mens- and womenswear 2009.

A fashion performance by Esther Meijer, Martin Butler, Rene SG and Jan Jansen, hosted by Mediamatic.

With Tommy Hagen (House of Orange), Marieke Klos, Yvonne Nusdorfer (Angelique Hoorn), No Candy, DJ Lupe, H.Louazna and Mister F(act).


The Nieuw Jurk collection by designer Esther Meijer. - Photo taken at Mediamatic, by Marc Deurloo. Marc Deurloo

With: Nieuw Jurk

Nieuw Jurk is the label of Esther Meijer, who graduated in 2004 in Arnhem with her collection: Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk.

Kubus represents Nieuw Jurk's philosophy about youth culture and its images and issues, the prevailing view about personal identity in our society, playing with fixed body aesthetics, a humoristic perspective on shapes, proportions and sizes.