Call to all musical creatives for the Opera Playground

3 May 2013
12 May 2013

Creating an opera for the societies of tomorrow - getting involved in a social experiment. This was an open call for all singers, musicians, ensembles and choirs (both, professional and amateur), visual artists and stage designers, librettists, composers and makers to investigate the form and role of opera in the future societies.


Opera Playground - Krystian Lada


Opera Playground is a societal experiment that investigates what the future of the art form opera could be, actively seeking new propositions and models of opera engagement with the society. Opera Playground invites 10 opera professionals to get involved with the infrastructure and citizens of Mediamatic Favela for 10 days.

Favela was a temporary urban setting that explored sustainable strategies and solutions for the city of the future. What could be the form and role of opera as an art form in the society of the future? How can new communities influence opera, and how can opera influence the forming of alternative communities? The research track will be documented on a video blog, inviting the audience to get involved in the discussion. The outcomes will be presented during a community driven event on the 12th May 2013 at Mediamatic Favela in Amsterdam, as a part of European Opera Days in the Netherlands.


3-12 May 2013 (incl. 9 days of collective research on the future form of opera, followed by a public presentation on 12 May; flexible timetables)